Line Urodynamic

Urodynamics System Jeny Desk. Compact display with high definition from 15-17 "touch screen. Form PC with integrated multi-port USB Serial. Peristaltic pump included in the system. Multichannel output. Software on Windows XP Pro SP3 or Microsoft Windows 7. Urodynamics Program Jeny urodynamic testing for the following:

UPP Static and Dynamic
Study Flow / Pressure
Leack Pressure Point
Advanced analysis according to standard I.C.S
Custom Reports
Form of direct or integrated electromyography (OPTIONAL)
Biofeddback (OPTIONAL)
Electrostimulation (OPTIONAL)
It comes on a cart with medical grade AC EN 60601-1 rod bag door and door sensors:

No. 2 Pressure Transducers (third on request) with cable
No. 1 transducer for volume infused
No. 1 Flow Transducer for Wireless with 1 liter beaker and funnel
No. 1 comfortable chair (on request)
No. 1 Software-controlled mechanical profilometer (OPTIONAL)

Line Uroflowmeter

Line Uroflowmeter - EV.SERVICE ITALIA
Uroflowmetry a Microprocessor  Wireless  FLOWLINE I4 . Compact lightweight and easy to use full flow transducer load cell accuracy from 0000-1000 ml 1% -2% of full antenna and 12V power supply. A request can operate at 9V battery. The communication distance between the transducer and the equipment has been tested up to 80m in camera. Built-in thermal printer, high-definition 114. Print reports in real time. Possibility 'schedule your report to suit your needs. To make the prints more 'enriched tool pou' be connected to the computer via the integrated Bluetooth module, in addition to a report in A4 format with possibility 'of customization, you can acquisisire values in real time, displaying the curves of flow and Volume, then calculate the degree of obstruction with diagrams Siroky or Bristol. The database in MS Access can 'also be viewed by the operator making it possible' to most 'experts to perform customizations on tables and reports. All data can be exported to various formats compatible with the Microsoft environment